Cynthia Powell Lennon


  • Born: September 10, 1939 in Blackpool. Raised in Hoylake.
  • Met John Lennon in 1958 at Liverpool College of Art where they were both majoring in lettering.
  • Marriage:

    Married John Lennon on August 23, 1962 at Registry Office in Mount Pleasant

    Attendees at wedding included: Tony Powell, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Brian Epstein

    What the Beatles were doing that night: Playing at the Riverpark Ballroom in Chester

    It seems as though the Lennons' romance was an unbalanced one. From the start, it was Cynthia who was in love with John. She seems to have been aroused by his rebellious quality (which was in contrast to her middle class snobiness). She pursued him and eventually won him, but it always appeared that he would cast her aside for things that were more important to him. Aunt Mimi remembers her proposing to John when he was just nineteen. Even from watching video clips, the behavior is somewhat evident. John almost ignores her as they are descending the plane at JFK on February 7, 1964, though this probably has a lot to do with the attempts to keep John's marriage a secret. Her love seems to have blinded her from much of his behavior. Early on, he would beat her (hence, the lyrics to 'Getting Better'). John's lyrics to 'Norwegian Wood' may have been written about an affair and his ambiguous lyrics may have been included to keep the meaning obscured from Cynthia. It was on the plane trip back from Rishikesh when John, troubled by his growing feelings for Yoko, admitted his adultery to Cynthia. Although this shouldn't have been surprising, Cynthia was shocked.

    Divorce: granted a decree nisi on November 8, 1969 (John admitted adultery with Yoko Ono after threatening to sue for divorce on grounds that Cynthia had been adulterous with Alex Mardas, Magic Alex)

    Later marriages: Robert Bassanini in 1970 and John Twist

    Children: Julian Lennon, b.April 8 1963 at 7:45 AM



    The following quotes are from Hunter Davies' Authorized Biography of the Beatles (McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1968) and were compiled c. 1967:

    "Institutions aren't made for John."

    (regarding their initial meeting): "It came out that we were both shortsighted. We talked a bit about it. John doesn't remember that at all."

    "I was frightened of (John). He was so rough. He wouldn't give in. We fought all the time."

    "We can't do a simple thing together as a family, like going for a walk. It's terrible. Sometimes I wish it had never all happened."

    "If I hadn't gotten pregnant and then married, as he started touring round the world, we would just have drifted apart. I would have stuck in at the Art College and probably have become a teacher."

    "His love was for the Beatles. Without the baby he would have just have gone off with the Beatles forever."

    "I do a bit of painting and dressmaking, but I often think I'd like a job. Not now, but later on. I've never had a job."

    "I do find I suggest something and he (John) just ignores it at the time, or says it's wrong. Then a few weeks later Ringo suggests the same thing and he's all for it."

    "He does think it's not enough just to go with his family."

    "They seem to need you less than you need them."


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