Maureen Cox Starkey


Born: August 4, 1946 in Liverpool

Sadly, died Decmber 30, 1994 of Leukemia despite a bone marrow transplant from her son Zak

How she met Ringo: She was a Cavern regular and had gone out with Johnny Guitar from Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, when Ringo was the drummer for that group. She kissed Paul and Ringo on a dare one night after their show, which Ringo doesn't recall, but he asked her to dance at the Cavern one night.

The two shared one common interest in particular: hairdressing. Ringo dreamed of opening a salon and, when the two met, Maureen was working in one.


February 11, 1965 at Caxton Hall, Westminster. They had been out of contact for some time while she stayed in Liverpool. They were re-acquainted when Ringo had his tonsils removed.

Attendees at the wedding included: Brian Epstein (best man), parents of the bride and groom, John and Cynthia Lennon, and George Harrison

What the Beatles were doing that night: This was during a break between their Christmas Show of 1964, which ended in January, and the recording of the Help! soundtrack beginning four days later.

Basically, Maureen was a Beatles fan who was lucky enough to meet and become involved with a Beatle early in their career.

To many, this seemed like a wonderful marriage until one night when, during a gathering of Ringo, Maureen, and Pattie and George Harrison, George announced he was in love with Maureen! It was rumored that Maureen and George had a brief affair.

Divorce: July 17, 1975 (Ringo admitted adultery with American actress Nancy Andrews)

Later marriages: Isaac Tigrett (millionaire of Hard Rock Cafe fame) on May 27, 1989

Children: Zak on September 13, 1965, Jason on August 19, 1967, and Lee on November 17, 1970, Augusta b 1987

Interesting Facts

That's Maureen cheering at the end of Get Back (and when Paul says, "Thanks, Mo.", he's referring to her).



The following quotes are from Hunter Davies' Authorized Biography of the Beatles (McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1968) and were compiled c. 1967:

"I don't mind staying up for him." "When he's recording I often stay up till four thirty in the morning. So I try to have (a meal) for him when he comes home, however late."

"I don't know why really, 'Ringo' just seems funny. His name is 'Ritchie'."

"I like answering the letters. I've been doing it for five years now. I get some lovely replies back from the parents."

(In reference to Cavern fans): "They used to hang around the Cavern all day long, just on the off chance of seeing them."

"I never joined the queue till about two or three hours before the Cavern opened. It frightened me."

"The other girls were not friendly at all. They wanted to stab me in the back"

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